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Regex-based search across package repositories
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Deployment instructions

codesearch indexer

Google's codesearch is the underlying search engine that we use (with some modifications). Install it from

macOS instructions
  1. Install Go: brew install go
  2. Add $HOME/go/bin to the PATH
  3. Download and build codesearch (should take 5 to 10 seconds): go get


The project is written in Scala. You need to install the following:

  • JDK 8 (later versions will not work)
  • Scala >= 2.12.4
  • sbt >= 1.0.2

Running the project

You can run Postgres by yourself, but it's better to use Docker. If you have Docker installed, you can do this:

$ make build   # Build the project
$ make db      # Download and start Postgres (wait a bit after this step)
$ make tables  # Create tables
$ make serve   # Run the server

If you head to http://localhost:9000 now, you should see the project running. The port can be changed:

$ make serve port=7000

Note: if you get an error at the make tables stage, you probably haven't waited enough. Do make db-kill and start from make db again.

Indexing packages

After the previous step the project is running, but the indices are empty. Download the package index for Haskell (should take about 30 seconds):

$ make download-haskell

Download some packages. You likely don't want to download the whole Hackage, so interrupt it (Ctrl+C) after a minute or less:

$ make update-haskell

Next, index the code contained in the packages:

$ make index-haskell

After that you should be able to visit http://localhost:9000/haskell and play with some queries (e.g. module should bring up a lot of results).

The full list of supported languages can be found in the Makefile.

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