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AEM Design

Designing AEM Experience End-To-End.


  1. aemdesign-aem-core aemdesign-aem-core Public

    An implementation of AEM.Design component concepts

    JavaScript 19 11

  2. aemdesign-aem-support aemdesign-aem-support Public

    support suite for aem design core project

    Groovy 7 3

  3. npm-compose-webpack npm-compose-webpack Public

    Webpack configuration and helpers for the AEM.Design compose module

    TypeScript 3 1

  4. aemdesign-docker aemdesign-docker Public

    parent project for all docker image repos

    PowerShell 7 8

  5. aemdesign-parent aemdesign-parent Public

    parent project for all aem design modules

    Shell 2

  6. aemdesign-ansible-roles aemdesign-ansible-roles Public

    parent project for all ansible roles

    Shell 2


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