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A super lightweight (½kb) JavaScript library with automatic method chaining, automatic context binding, event support and simple inheritance. c-{{{-<
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Fishbone.js c-{{{-<

A super lightweight (½kb) JavaScript library with automatic method chaining, automatic context binding, event support and simple inheritance.

NPM version


  • clean and simple syntax
  • steep learning curve
  • this is the context in all methods
  • automatic method chaining
  • simple inheritance
  • on, off event observer pattern
  • no dependencies
  • production ready
  • well tested
  • cross browser & Node.js support
  • ~ 512 bytes minified (300 gzipped !)


  • Klass = Model({ init: function(options){} }) - create a model
  • Klass2 = Klass.extend({ … }) - inherit from other class
  • instance = new Klass(options) - create an instance
  • instance.on(event, listener) - observe a given event
  •, [listener]) - remove listener
  • instance.trigger(event, data) - triggers an event


var Model = require("./fishbone");              // require module (Node only)

var Pirate = Model({                            // simple class creator
  likes: "GROG",                                // instance properties
  init: function(name){                         // init is the main entrance = name;                           // options can be passed
    this.grogs = 0;
  drink: function(){                            // instance method
    if (++this.grogs >= 100){
      this.trigger("drunk");                    // trigger an event
  yell: function(){
    console.log("WANT MORE: " + this.likes);    // this is always in context

var Captain = Pirate.extend({                   // simple inheritance
  likes: "STRONG GROG",                         // override property
  yell: function(){                             // override method
    console.log("Avast, me hearties!");
    this.__yell();                              // call super method

var captain = new Captain("Jack"),              // create an instance
  rounds = 20;

captain.on("drunk", captain.yell);              // add event listener

function neverbeingcalled(){                    // pseudo listener

captain.on("drunk", neverbeingcalled);          // add event listener"drunk", neverbeingcalled);         // remove event listener

while (rounds--){
    .drink()                                    // chaining FTW!
    .drink()                                    // chaining FTW!
    .drink()                                    // chaining FTW!
    .drink()                                    // chaining FTW!
    .drink();                                   // chaining FTW!


Include fishbone.min.js or copy and paste this:

Model=function a(b,c,d,e){function f(){var a=this,f={};a.on=function(b,c){return(f[b]||
(f[b]=[])).push(c),a},a.trigger=function(a,b){for(var c=f[a],d=0;c&&d<c.length;)c[d++](
b)},,e){for(d=f[b]||[];e&&(c=d.indexOf(e))>-1;)d.splice(c,1);return f[b]
=e?d:[],a};for(c in b)d=b[c],a[c]="function"==typeof d?function(){return(d=this.apply(a,
arguments))===e?a:d}.bind(d):d;a.init&&a.init.apply(a,arguments)}return f.extend=function
(f){d={};for(c in b)d[c]=b[c];for(c in f)d[c]=f[c],b[c]!==e&&(d["__"+c]=b[c]);return a(d)
},f},"object"==typeof module&&(module.exports=Model);                         // c-{{{-<

Install via npm:

npm install fishbone

Install via bower:

bower install --save fishbone

Browser Support

Fishbone runs in all modern browsers and Node.js.

If you want support for Internet Explorer 8 and below, you have to include the .bind and .indexOf polyfills:


Developed by Martin Kleppe at Ubilabs.

Released under the WTFPL license.


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