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#include <iostream>
#include "occurrences.h"
using namespace std;
typedef struct Node {
int_type occurrences;
char symbol;
struct Node *parent, *left, *right;
} Node;
typedef vector<Node> Nodes;
typedef map<char, string> codes_by_char; // map of codes for certain chars (for coding)
typedef map<string, char> chars_by_code; // map of chars for certain codes (for decoding)
class HuffmanCoding {
codes_by_char codes;
chars_by_code chars;
void build_tree();
void to_map();
HuffmanCoding(const map_by_occurrences & occurrences) : by_occurrences( occurrences ) {};
Node tree; // tree is a root of Huffman's tree
Nodes nodes; // it contains nodes created from map (occurrences) and then it's used by Huffman's algorithm.
string code;
map_by_occurrences by_occurrences;
void build_code(Node *node);
void map_to_nodes(); // converts map (occurrences) to vector of nodes.
void sort(); // insertion sort for nodes used in Huffman's algorithm.
char symbol(Node * node); // returns recursive symbol (character) of itself or it's deepest left child (only deepest children are leaves and have symbols)