Cross platform advanced port scanner, uses many techniques of port scanning.
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Cross platform Python 2.7 advanced port scanner, uses 7 techniques of port scanning.

Utilizing 7 methods of port scanning all at once: CONN, SYN, FIN, X-MAS, NULL, STEALTH, ACK. The script also logs all positive scan results to csf-x-nsa-log.txt Learn from the comments in the script how each type of scan works.


   1. Scapy ('pip install scapy')
   2. Requests

Tested on:

1. Windows 7
2. Debian 9.4.0
3. Kali
4. ParrotOS
5. Ubuntu

Usage: python target startPort endPort

  E.g.: python 1 65535
    Or: python without parameters for manual input

Note: thanks to the shebang line we can also make this run as an executable:

   1. chmod +x
   2. ./ target startPort endPort

Aeneas of Troy (EHVSN/TechKnow)