Vagrant configuration to setup a cartodb development environment.
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This is a vagrant configuration to setup a development environment for CartoDB.


Base OS for this configuration in Vagrant terms is "precise32", which is an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS distro. A bunch of shell scripts does the provisioning. The installation procedure is split to many scripts in-order to isolate failure and facilitate reruns [1].


git clone
cd cartodb-dev
vagrant up

As CartoDB is pretty heavy, the script takes quite some time to download the required dependencies. Once the provisioning is done, all you are required to do is start CartoDB.

vagrant ssh
cd /usr/local/src/cartodb
sudo bundle exec foreman start -p 3000

As the domain property in the configuration is set to localhost.lan, the host machine is required to have a name to address mapping. Following line does the trick,

echo " monkey.localhost.lan" | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

The vagrant configuration forwards port 3000 from the host to the guest. So monkey.localhost.lan:3000 from the host machine will take you to the CartoDB’s login page. The password is same as the username.

Have fun!

1. Need to comment out previous steps in Vagrant file for now