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4clojure is a great site for practicing various datatypes and concepts in Clojure. However, the code editor on the website is somewhat limited, mostly because it doesn't have a REPL to test out individual parts of your code. I'm not affiliated with 4clojure in any way, but I've created a plugin for working on 4clojure problems in the comfort of your own IDE.


Use this for user-level plugins:

Put [lein-4clj "0.1.1"] into the :plugins vector of your :user profile, or if you are on Leiningen 1.x do lein plugin install lein-4clj 0.1.1.

Use this for project-level plugins:

Put [lein-4clj "0.1.1"] into the :plugins vector of your project.clj.

$ lein four :ns <name>
            :problem <4clojure-problem-number>
            :filename <path>

Will create a namespace with the given ns name (or resort to problemN if :problem is given), at the filename given (or automatically inside your project's src path). The new namespace will have some tools in it, including test cases fetched directly from the 4clojure website (if :problem is given). The problem number can be found in the URL of a 4clojure problem page.

These keywords are mostly optional: at least :ns or :problem must be provided to name the namespace; and :filename is required if you're not inside a lein project.

The namespace will contain (def __ ...); like in 4clojure, you will prepare a solution that is meant to substitute for __ in each test case. If all the local tests pass, simply copy/paste the body of the def into the 4clojure submission box.

Note that 4clojure requires one expression to be passed in as a solution (and no defs are allowed), so if you expand your solution to include helper functions, you'll need to compress them into a let before submitting them. Example:

; My local code:
(defn helper [foo]
  (inc foo))

(def __
  (fn [bar]
    (dec (helper bar)))

; What I submit:
(let [helper (fn [foo]
               (inc foo))]
  (fn [bar]
    (dec (helper bar))))

I've included example_problem29.clj, which demonstrates the process of creating a file and solving the problem.

Ideas for future versions of the plugin

  • Support 4clojure problems with "special restrictions"
  • Make a more automated way to group multiple function definitions into one let
  • Copy the problem description into the file as well?


Copyright © 2014 FIXME

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.