A Karplus-Strong string synthesizer object for Cycling '74 Max
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A Karplus-Strong based string synthesizer object for Cycling '74 Max.

The am.string~ object is based on Sullivan's implementation [1] of the Karplus-Strong algorithm for plucked string synthesis [2] though Sullivan's distortion and feedback components are not included. However, instead of using simple linear interpolation to set delay times corresponding to non-integer numbers of samples, it uses a 7th-order Lagrange filter [3] to perform the interpolation. This reduces the high-frequency roll-off associated with delay times close to n+0.5 samples. In addition, it is implemented so that any signal can be passed through the 'string' to achieve a variety of resonant filter effects.


[1] Sullivan, C. R. (1990). Extending the Karplus-Strong algorithm to synthesize electric guitar timbres with distortion and feedback. Computer Music Journal, 14(3), 26–37.

[2] Karplus, K., & Strong, A. (1983). Digital Synthesis of Plucked-String and Drum Timbres. Computer Music Journal, 7(2), 43–55.

[3] Laakso, T. I., Valimaki, V., Karjalainen, M., & Laine, U. (1996). Splitting the unit delay: Tools for Fractional Delay Filter Design. Signal Processing Magazine, IEEE, 13(1), 30–60.