Tutorials on using R for playing with data
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Tutorials on using R for playing with data

This is (currently) a two-part series on the basics of data cleaning and visualization in R. It was prepared and presented for graduate students at the University of Connecticut Department of Psychology. Be warned, there be (bad) jokes in these files. Enjoy?

Tutorial 01: Dealing with data in dplyr

This tutorial goes through some of the functions available in dplyr for cleaning data. The data consists of the output from Eprime of a lexical decision task. Worked through it and thirsting for more? Need a quick reference tool going forward? The folks at R Studio have a very helpful cheatsheet that you should print and post on the wall next to your desk. Trust me.

Tutorial 02: Getting good at ggplot2

This tutorial goes through some of the plotting available in ggplot2 (henceforth, ggplot). It starts with the data that was output by the dplyr tutorial to explain the grammar of graphics plotting style. The FiveThirtyEight theme comes from a tutorial by Max Woolf. No relation. Once again, R Studio has an excellent cheatsheet that makes it easy to look up some of the most common functions.

Revision history

  • Added rendered Github pages
  • Converted R Markdown to R Notebooks
  • Added Tutorial 02
  • Added Tutorial 01

Future tutorials

Additional tutorials may be placed here sometime in the future. Want more? Check out my tutorial on simulating lexical decision in TensorFlow.