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General infos

- There is a directory that we will use a base to solve each of the exercises. In this way, if you don't manage to solve an exercise you will be able to work on the next one.
- Each of these directories is rails application with vendorized gems so you don't need to install the gems.


- You will need Ruby 1.8.7 or Ruby 1.9.2 and bundler version >= 1.0. We encourage the use of RVM.

Exercise 1

- Start a single-project with compass
- Download the test rails app in exercise1

Exercise 2

1. Open the project located in /exercise2

2. Start the rails application using "rails server" to make sure all dependencies are met and to start working.

3. Define the size of the grid as 16 columns in global.scss using the appropiate variable

4. Complete the code in the elements #banner and #gutter in global.scss to adjust them to the grid.

HINT: "gutter-container" is a 16 grid wide container. Set the appropiate width in columns for the logo, sign-in and buttons elements.

5. Complete the code for the footer.

Exercise 3

1. Open the project located in /exercise3

2. Replace the colors in the global.scss for variables defined in a different file.
HINT: Don´t forget to link the new file with @import

3. Do the gradient in the middle frame with a compass mixin.
HINT: Look in the documentation for linear-gradient

4. Replace the link styles code marked in global.scss with a compass mixin so that the colors match with the design.
HINT* Look in the documentation for links

Exercise 4

1. Open the project located in /exercise4

2. Complete the menu.scss so that it matches with the menu in the design.
Hint: Use horizontal-list
Hint: Use border-radius

Extra: Create a shadow effect on the #workspace title

Exercise 5

1. Open the project located in /exercise5

2. Create the following buttons with the fancy-buttons library and try to match with the design:
  - One matte button for the sign-in
  - One with gradient for the Try-button

HINT: Import the fancy-button library
EXTRA compile the code for production