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Puppet configuration tools for the Aeolus Project.
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The Aeolus Recipe

You can find more documentation at the Aeolus web site at


The aeolus recipe is a puppet module which can be used
to install and configure aeolus components. To make use
of this recipe, drop it into your puppet module path or
alternatively build and install the aeolus-configure rpm
which contains the recipe and some wrapper scripts to configure
the aeolus components. Before executing the rake rpms task, you
will need to install the rake gem.

Building and Installing the Aeolus Recipe

$ rake rpms

The rpm will be placed into the build dir, install it via yum
$ sudo yum install --nogpgcheck \

Install aeolus via the recipe via
$ sudo /usr/sbin/aeolus-configure

Uninstall aeolus via
$ sudo /usr/sbin/aeolus-cleanup

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