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Aeolus post boot configuration tools
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= Aeolus Audrey =
    This is the Aeolus Audrey code, of which there are two parts:
    - The Config Server
    - The Audrey Start Agent

    The Config Server runs in conjunction with the Aeolus Conductor. It
    makes tooling and parameters available to launching instances and
    coordinates the sharing of parameters between multiple launching

    The Audrey Start Agent, if built into an image, is invoked at launch
    time via rc.local, contacts the Config Server, accepts available
    tooling and parameters and returns values for requested parameters.
    To do the the Audrey Start Agent invokes the tooling, passing it
    the parameters. Currently Puppet Facter is used to gather values
    for the requested parameters.

== Licensing ==
    This code is licensed under Apache License ASL2.0 See the COPYING
    files in the source tree for terms and conditions for use.

== Developer Contact Information ==
    Mailing list:
    Project web site:
    Bug tracker:

    Required to build: help2man

    Summary of how to build the software: 
    % cd <repo>/agent
    % make rpms
    % cd <repo>/configserver
    % rake rpm
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