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🏑 My dotfiles
Python Shell Vim script
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 dunst      > notification daemon
 git        > git config and aliases
 gpg        > gpg-agent config
 i3         > tiling window manager
 mutt       > email client
 nvim       > text editor config
 polybar    > status bar
 ranger     > file manager
 redshift   > screen color temperature
 rofi       > application launcher
 spells     > some automation scripts
 ssh        > ssh-agent service config
 tmux       > terminal multiplexer
 urxvt      > 256 color terminal and some extensions
 xmap       > some keybindings
 zsh        > oh-my-zsh plugins and themes


I use stow to manage my dotfiles

git clone ~/dotfiles
cd ~/dotfiles
stow zsh # ...and whatever else you want
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