MQL4 MT4 Helper Framework using Header files to access Trading Library
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Here is an open source trading framework for algorithm development using the Metatrader4 (C++ language) platform. If you want to see all the available functionality of the framework please visit the HEADER.file

  1. Download aeoniumFX folder
  2. Unzip the folder onto desktop
  3. Move all files into your MetaTrader4/MQL folder except the templates folder
  4. Move templates folder outside of MQL folder ( MT4 directory)
    -- C:\Users\laptop\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\
  5. Restart MT4 Platform


Expert Advisor is included in the experts folder, or download

Activating License

Make a comment with the following information here

  • Account Number
  • Balance
  • Email_Not_Needed

NOTE: Read the comments on the same gisthub page to learn how to find the Github_Secret for the MT4 expert parameters

MetaTrader4 Platform

You need to allow communication with Github. Open the platform, Tab Bar "Tools" -> Options -> Expert Advisors -> Check Box "Allow WebRequest for listed URKL" and add then Check Box "Allow DLL Imports". That will allow MT4 to make a webrequest to Github.