Flone Remote: Android App for flying Multiwii based quadcopters.
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Flone, the flying phone http://flone.cc

Flone apps for flying smartphones

Flone Remote is free software under GPLv3 Part of the code is based in MultiwiConf, with the same license.

  • Resume Flone is an Android app and airframe that creates a flying platform for smartphones. The airframe is a quadcopter designed for carry a smartphone, battery, and a good field of view for the two cameras of the smartphone.

The Flone Remote app allows the communication between the smartphone of the pilot and the Multiwii flightboard (over bluetooth).

  • Flone Remote
  • Read orientation and inclination of the phone.
  • Read position of finger in screen.
  • Transform reads to rc values, embed in Multiwii Serial Protocol and sendit.
  • Visual/Audio Feedback.