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The website, built using Hugo and hosted on Netlify.


To build and serve the site, you'll need the latest [LTS release][] of Node. Like Netlify, we use [nvm][], the Node Version Manager, to install and manage Node versions:

$ nvm install --lts


  1. Clone this repo.
  2. From a terminal window, change to the cloned repo directory.
  3. Get NPM packages and git submodules, including the the Docsy theme:
    $ npm install

Build or serve the site

To locally serve the site at localhost:1313 , run the following command:

$ npm run serve

To build and check links, run these commands:

$ npm run build
$ npm run check-links

You can also locally serve using Docker:

$ make docker-serve


We welcome issues and PRs! For details, see Contributing.

If you submit a PR, Netlify will automatically create a deploy preview so that you can view your changes. Once merged, Netlify automcatically deploys to the production site