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My config files.
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Latest commit 4370f71 Jul 21, 2019
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.bundle bundler: install gems globally by default Jul 14, 2019
.peco Modify peco styling Jan 24, 2016
.slate.d Write Slate's config in CoffeeScript Oct 25, 2013
.tmux.d/scripts Supports macOS Sierra Jan 18, 2017
.vim vim: Do not use foldmethod=syntax Jun 18, 2018
.vimperator/colors Use ignorekeys command Feb 8, 2015
bin git-run: credit Jan 16, 2019
colors Update submodules Oct 31, 2014
osx osx defaults: Add defaults scripts Jan 16, 2014
test Add test for Rake install task Aug 9, 2013
.caprc Add .caprc Aug 1, 2012
.colordiffrc Add colordiffrc Mar 11, 2014
.dotfiles.ignore Rakefile: Refine the Rake task to install dotfiles Jan 21, 2014
.gemrc gemrc: remove deprecated options Jul 14, 2019
.gitconfig git-medetai: requires PCRE2 Feb 19, 2019
.gitignore Ignore vim cache files Jan 5, 2017
.gitmodules scrap Nov 27, 2015
.global.gitignore vim: Ignore project-local Vim configurations Jul 7, 2014
.my.cnf Add .my.cnf Nov 15, 2013
.powenv change to use rbenv Oct 20, 2011
.proverc Tidy up prove options Jun 7, 2013
.pryrc Configure Hirb Nov 3, 2013
.screenrc Save screen logs into TMPDIR instead of HOME Nov 25, 2014
.slate.js slate: center Feb 16, 2016
.tigrc Run `rebase --interactive` from current commit Mar 24, 2015
.tmux.conf tmux: allow-rename Jun 3, 2018
.travis.yml Test with Ruby 2.1 Oct 31, 2014
.uim Specify skkserv's host and port Jan 19, 2015
.vimperatorrc Fix vimperator plugins path Jan 17, 2016
.vimperatorrc.js Configure Hatena Bookmark extension Feb 14, 2015
.zshenv zsh: prefer node 10 Jul 21, 2019
.zshrc Add build status image Aug 9, 2013
Rakefile Run on Ruby 2.0 Jan 5, 2017
brew.bash brew.bash: + bat Jan 18, 2019


Build Status

This repository includes a lot of configuration file is used and optimized for me.

You can clone or fork them freely, but I don't guarantee that they fit you.

Tools configured

  • Git
  • Vim
  • tmux
  • Zsh
  • OS X (Preferences)
  • Ruby tools
    • Capistrano
    • Pow
    • Pry
    • Preferred gems

Tools included

These tools are included as submodule.

  • cdd - The utility to change working directory over the terminal multiplexor's window


  • Automatation
  • Vim is the editor
  • Maximize the performance in loved environment


The setup process should be automated to keep syncing environment easy.

Vim is the editor

Using the tools as over the their domain is painful.

Maximize the performance in loved environment

It is stupid to spoil the performance to keep portability.


to be documented ...

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