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aergo blockchain kernel
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state [RPC] Support to get name at a specific number of block (#78) May 16, 2019
syncer [RAFT] refactoring cluster and add SnapFrequency property to raft config May 17, 2019
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glide.lock [GLIDE] update aergoio/etcd to support SnapshotSaver Apr 29, 2019
glide.yaml [GLIDE] update aergoio/etcd to support SnapshotSaver Apr 29, 2019

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Aergo - Distributed Trust at Scale

Official Chain Software of Aergo Protocol

We are developing the most practical and powerful platform for blockchain businesses. This will be a huge challenge. There are 4 main ideologies regarding this project.

  1. Developer-friendly
  2. Guaranteed performance
  3. Scalable architecture
  4. Connect with the world

You can see the current public network status via aergoscan service: aergoscan

Official Documentation Link: aergodocs


beginning: Skeleton (31, July, 2018)

  • Platform framework
  • Stub consensus(dpos without voting)
  • Account model
  • Mempool
  • Networking - p2p/protocol
  • Cmd aergocli/aergosvr
  • Simple client API
  • Smart contract will not be released - you can see the prototype in coinstack3sp2

1st: Aergo Alpha (31, Oct, 2018)

  • Consensus - BFT-dPOS (election not integrated)
    • We provide BFT by solving various problems that may occur in dpos.
  • Aergo SQL smart contract (Lua-jit)
    • It is a powerful smart contract language providing DB function.
  • Client - Ship
    • Client framework and development environment
    • Provides a package management and testing environment similar to NPM.
  • Client SDK
    • heraj (java)
    • herajs (javascript)
    • herapy (python)
  • Browser Wallet (1~2 weeks later)
    • Chrome Extension provides a coin transfer wallet.
  • Sub Project
    • Litetree
      • Improved SQLite is used to provide DB functionality in a block chain.
      • Provides higher performance through LMDB.
    • Sparse Merkle Tree
      • Provides fast, space-saving sparse merkle tree.
    • Pre-Testnet

2nd: Aergo Testnet (28, Dec, 2018)

  • BFT-dPOS with Voting
    • The pre-test net has the function of agreeing blocks among the set BPs. TestNet has a function to select BP through voting.
  • Named Account
    • For user's convenience, Named Account function that can be accessed based on Name rather than Address is provided.
  • Expanded Aergo Lua
    • The Aergo Lua feature has been extended for more convenient development.
  • Advanced Client Framework
    • Provides a wallet interface that interacts with keystore and manages nonce.
    • Provides the ability to make smart contracts through interface calls.
    • Provides a contract library to issue tokens based on Aergo.
  • Hub Enterprise
    • Enterprise customers view management and monitoring of their networks as a prerequisite.
    • We provide Hub Enterprise control solution to solve this problem.
  • Merkle Bridge Verification
    • StateTrie Merkle proof verifications and delegated token transfers are now implemented in the merkle-bridge.
  • Various Smart Contract Examples
    • Provide some standard smart contracts
  • TestNet
    • Launch the Test Network to provide network for community and experment
    • We provide

3rd: Aergo Mainnet (planned in March, 2019)

  • Parallelism (inter-contract)
  • Simple branching (2WP or simple Plasma)

4th: Aergo World Launch (planned in 4Q, 2019)

  • Orchestration with Aergo Horde
  • Service with Aergo Hub
  • Advanced performance features

5th: Aergo Future

  • Will be updated

Key thoughts of the architecture

MVP based, Forward compatibility, Iteration


Server port usages

Usage Port
gRPC 7845
P2P 7846




Building from Source


Following Golang conventions TBD


All code is licensed under the MIT License (

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