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@graup graup released this Aug 12, 2019

This release contains a number of improvements and new features, especially regarding enterprise support. This is an important step towards integration for enterprise customers.

These features are active when a chain is initialized in private mode and are not available on public networks.

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New Features

  • Enterprise

    • Enterprise administrators: Users can set up administrators to control their private network
    • RPC permission control using TLS certification on private network
    • P2P Whitelist: Add whitelist feature based on ip addres and/or peerid
    • Account Whitelist: Enterprise administrators can set up accounts that can transfer transactions
  • Consensus

    • Raft
      • Raft version 2 added. In verion2, blockchain and raft logs are tightly coupled.
      • Replace network framework by P2P
      • support Dynamic membership management by Enterprise transaction

Breaking Changes

  • RPC, StateQuery: storageKeys type was changed to bytes (which should be the hash of the key name; was previously just a string of the name)
  • Smart Contract Default function: If the function name is not found, it no longer calls the default function and raises an error instead.


  • RPC

    • TLS support:The GRPC API can now be configured to use TLS connections (HTTP2 only, not for grpc-web; for now continue to use proxy servers for grpc-web over https)
    • GetChainInfo (Total staking): Support current total staking in GetChainInfo
  • Smart contract

    • Support for multi dimensional, state.array
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