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herapy Documentation Status Updates

HeraPy is a Python package for AERGO that provides the features below.


  • Communication with AERGO node
  • Getting AERGO blockchain information
  • Creating/Exporting/Importing an account
  • Making and sending a transaction
  • Deploying/Calling/Querying a smart contract
  • Querying and prooving contract/account states


Install the latest version in the Python Package Index

pip install aergo-herapy

or, install locally

git clone
cd herapy
make install

Run examples

After installing aergo-herapy, you can run examples

make ex

The examples in the 'examples' directory connect the public Aergo testnet.


Downloading HeraPy

Download HeraPy from this repository

git clone

Installing Dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

But, we recommend to use a virtual environment below.

Virtual Environment (Pipenv)

Using Pipenv, all dependencies will be installed automatically.

pipenv shell

If you cleaned up and setup again,

pipenv install

If you want to test or contribute, then do not forget '--dev' option

pipenv install --dev
make test

Updating Protocol

If need to upgrade a protocol,

make protoc

After this command, all protocol related source files will be generated if it's different.

Updating Aergo Configurations

If need to upgrade Aergo Configurations,

make aergo-types

After this command, 'aergo/herapy/obj/' will be generated if it's different.

If occur the error message below


, find the source code 'aergo/config/types.go' and make this file path as an environment variable of 'AERGO_TYPES_SRC'

export AERGO_TYPES_SRC=`find ~ -path '*/aergo/config/types.go' 2>/dev/null`
make aergo-types

Releases and Contributing

HeraPy follows a major release cycle of AERGO. A minor release such as fixing bugs and errors are occasionally patched. Please let us know if you encounter a bug by filling an issue.

If you are planning to contribute a new feature, class, or function, please open an issue and discuss with us.

We appreciate all contributions.



HeraPy is MIT license as found in the LICENSE file.


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.

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