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Let's all learn modern JavaScript!
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We 😻 JS!

Let's get started!

  • git clone
  • cd modern-js-workshop
  • npm install
  • ...
  • Profit!

To run the development server, type:

npm start

You can then open http://localhost:1234/

To build for production, type:

npm run build

This will build a production site in dist.

To start the test runner, run npm test or install the Jest VS Code extension.


This is a tentative plan for this year's course, subject to change as we progress. For the last year's course, switch to the 2018 branch.

Week 1 - Intro to modern JS

  • Setting up environment (incl brief intro to Jest and Parcel)
  • Variables - let and const
  • Types: Number, String, Object, Array
  • Functions, function expressions, arrow functions

Week 2 – Async and arrays

  • Callbacks - Array.filter and Array.find
  • More arrays - map, forEach
  • async / await
  • fetch
  • Template literals (backticks)

Week 3 – What the...

  • Destructuring assignment
  • / spread

Modules and classes

  • ES6 classes
  • Node modules
  • ES module syntax
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