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Jenkins-prefpane is a simple shortcut to start/stop the Jenkins CI process.


  • Clone the source and compile the source, then run the .prefpane generated.
  • Download the compressed binary version from the downloads page


It currently doesn’t track updates with Sparkle, so you will need to come back later and download new versions.


As of this version it will try to get the mongod binary from popular places (/usr/local/bin/mongod, /usr/bin/mongod, /bin/mongod/, /opt/bin/mongod). If for any weird reason you have it in a differnt location, you will need to set it in DaemonController.h.
i.e. #define MONGOD_LOCATION @"/fruity/loops/mongod"

If you need to set extra parameters to run jenkins, then edit the Arguments textbox from the pane.


Make the prefpane use the Launchd plist provided by the OS X package’s postinstall.

Known Issues

It crashes System Preferences when re/installing the .prefpane.


jenkins-prefpane was forked from

DaemonController and MBSliderButton based in the ones made by Max Howell