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CFFI bindings to Bullet
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status: stalled

I do not see myself working on or maintaining this project in the forseeable future.

CFFI bindings to Bullet


Buclet provides CFFI bindings to the Bullet library.

Bullet is written in C++ but exposes a small part of itself through a C API. Mostly for rigid body dynamics. In the future I (or maybe you!) will either help the Bullet project to extend this C API or, since the previous seems all the be hand-work, I will autogenerate CFFI bindings in a similar way as is currently being developed for Okra.


This project is released under the simplified BSD license.

To Do

  • (a lot)
  • decide whether to work on Bullet's C API or autogenerate wrappers like in Okra


The code has currently been tested on Linux using SBCL and on Windows XP using Clozure CL and MinGW.

Version numbering

Buclet follows the Bullet version numbering with its own version number tagged on at the end. This way you can easily see which version of Bullet these bindings are written for and what the latest release of Buclet itself is.

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