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status: stalled (please check out Glop which doesn't depend on a C++ library)

CFFI bindings to OIS


clois-lane provides CFFI bindings to the OIS library.

The Object-Oriented Input System (OIS) is the default input system for Ogre and these CFFI bindings work together with the Okra project which provides access to Ogre from Common Lisp.


This project is released under the simplified BSD license.

To Do

  • add joystick support
  • add Wii support (Windows only?)
  • make OS device settings that are hardcoded in C++ configurable from CL


The code has currently been tested on Linux using SBCL and on Windows XP using Clozure CL and MinGW.

Version numbering

clois-lane follows the OIS version numbering with its own version number tagged on at the end. This way you can easily see which version of OIS these bindings are written for and what the latest release of clois-lane itself is.

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