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;;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: COMMON-LISP; Package: CL-USER; Base: 10 -*-
;;;; example.lisp
(asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :clois-lane)
(use-package :clois-lane)
;;; Variables
(defvar *actions* '((:kc-escape . stop-running)
(:key-default . echo-self)
(:mouse-move-default . echo-self)))
(defparameter *running* nil)
;;; Functions
(defun echo-self (key state)
(format t "~&key: ~S (~S); state: ~S~%"
key (cdr (assoc key clois-lane::+scancodes+)) state))
(defun run-example ()
(set-actions *actions*)
(setf *running* t)
(format t "~&Press ESC to stop the loop...~%")
(loop while *running*
do (capture)
(sleep .1)))
(defun stop-running (key state)
(declare (ignore key))
(when (equal state :released)
(setf *running* nil)))
;;; Main Program
(format t (concatenate 'string "~&~%===~%"
"Do a \"xwininfo -int | grep Window\\ id:\" in another xterm and click on~%"
"the window you're reading this message is in. Then do a:~%~%"
" (create-input-system \"window-id\")~%~%"
"and finally:~%~%"
" (run-example)~%"
"If you're running on Windows, you'll need a program that will tell you a~%"
"window id f.e.:"
"Also, the window id passed to create-input-system needs to be a string~%"
"and in base 10, not a hexadecimal value! So if WinID shows 0x123abc as~%"
"a window id, you'll need to type \"#x123abc\" on the repl and call:~%"
" (create-input-system \"1194684\")~%"
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