Tools for alternatives analysis of progressive capital planning projects
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The pyplan project is being developed to provide tools for planning-level alternative analysis of progresive capital improvement projects. pyplan is well suited to illustrate the cost/benefit dynamics of projects made up of several independent and combinable sub-projects.

Example use case:

A utility is interested in addresing a regional flooding issue with new releif sewers. Relief sewers are being considered in three different areas, each of which may be implemented at 1, 2, or 3 mile lengths. The relief sewers in each area can be combined with relief sewers in the other two areas, regardless of how long any reach is.

Engineers then produce cost estimates and measure the performance of every logical combination of flood releif sewer installation. (The swmmio package is being developed to generate flood releif models with EPA SWMMM5 for this exact use case). With cost benefit data available for every incremental flood relief sewer phase, pyplan can find the most efficient implementation paths:

example output