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E-Book Web Reader ~ Rheya ~ makes your online books readable! For now this is still an experiment (don't expect too much at this stage) to get more familiar with an online reading system on different platforms (PC, Table, Phone, ...). To goal is to have full-blown online book reader with support for offline reading, bookmarks, annotations and support for most of EPUB3 features.

I started working on this as a possible showcase for Booktype platform, but it could be used easily as a standalone reader. Besides being able to read books made with Booktype it will also be possible to read: EPUB2/EPUB3, static HTML books, static Markdown files and etc. At the moment it has very basic EPUB support.

_~ Rheya ~_ is not a long lost love of mine.


Desktop version

Info     Table Of Contents     Read     Font     iPad

Mobile version

toc     font     Read

Read online with ~ Rheya ~

Metropolis by Thea von Harbou [EPUB - mainly just text]


Keyboard shortcuts:

  • T - Table of Contents
  • F - Change fonts
  • B - Go Back



E-Book Web Reader is licensed under the AGPL license.

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