Integrated Rewrite to provide URL routing #1

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I played with using rewrite typesafe invocation, and it works, but it's maybe not worth it since you need to do some custom stuff to marshal objects in the current design.

Don't feel obligated to merge, just demonstrating.

qmx and others added some commits Mar 6, 2012
@qmx qmx initial import 9730d5b
@qmx qmx adding resteasy dependency 92e0c95
@qmx qmx bumping junit back to 4.8.1 a576e64
@qmx qmx adding mockito 83b672a
@qmx qmx adding .gitignore 1b2839e
@qmx qmx skipping resteasy for now 1992fed
@qmx qmx adding JEE specs 95bbe0a
@qmx qmx creating the filter 876f28c
@qmx qmx adding more tests b19b4a0
@qmx qmx this is a Java 6 project 912c0b2
@qmx qmx adding fest-assert 7645efa
@qmx qmx initial dispatch 9e256cd
@qmx qmx adding http methods enum 5d8e7f3
@qmx qmx checkpoint adeae97
@qmx qmx starting over 492c4a4
@qmx qmx adding arquilian testing deps 38d4a77
@qmx qmx adding resteasy dep 757982e
@qmx qmx initial arquilian test 314dccf
@qmx qmx it works! ec07ff3
@qmx qmx extracting constant b7d5163
@qmx qmx starting the TDR (test-driven rewrite) c01967e
@qmx qmx extracting fixture cb1bd3e
@qmx qmx whatever with the views a879b50
@qmx qmx removing sysouts 9c528f3
@qmx qmx hiding Resteasy-specific code under a factory 8c37199
@qmx qmx dummy-related f6e38cd
@qmx qmx fixing tests and working with named views 52bb693
@qmx qmx importing via package a2c074b
@qmx qmx better naming + extract helper + jsp route 1ced23e
@qmx qmx we need to defer OutputStream opening til write time, for jsp rendering f104c29
@qmx qmx moar dry refactoring fed1619
@qmx qmx renaming core->controller a4ecf08
@qmx qmx suspending view test for now ecebc6e
@qmx qmx adding demo 826a0ee
@qmx qmx adding standard ignore file 298ba12
@qmx qmx foreign classes for naming request attributes
taken from VRaptor - copyright kept
@qmx qmx enabling model attribute naming 642af4c
@qmx qmx actually populating the request with the given model 0ed7794
@qmx qmx cleaning up ccc06d1
@qmx qmx package juggling 0149ea8
@qmx qmx updating to latest aerogear-controller feba1bc
@qmx qmx adding bean model support 4c2d908
@qmx qmx adding readme 573ff46
@qmx qmx updating readme ff5d5d0
@qmx qmx enabling auto scan 69362c9
@qmx qmx bumping up as7 version 03ed9ee
@qmx qmx fixing classloader bug 367faa5
@qmx qmx adding cglib 8f636d0
@qmx qmx initial DSL impl 43cd79e
@qmx qmx enum for RequestMethods 960480d
@qmx qmx improving the DSL fb409a1
@qmx qmx adding one more route 34eb741
@qmx qmx this should be public 9ca0338
@qmx qmx using factoryMethod f5459bb
@qmx qmx adding constructor and storing method data 4a67de6
@qmx qmx storing the descriptor 8e78301
@qmx qmx improving logging aaffc3d
@qmx qmx initial AeroGear filter c2a394f
@qmx qmx extracting interface for the routing module 7ab2e95
@qmx qmx we're using CDI 6819604
@qmx qmx storing more info under the route descriptor 3f73a75
@qmx qmx time to build real routes d37f282
@qmx qmx storing built routes instead of descriptors d8207cf
@qmx qmx having an actual router a08cefd
@qmx qmx dispatching to our router 939a42f
@qmx qmx removing jax-rs for now 1e83a0c
@qmx qmx simple controller and routes for it 63edc95
@qmx qmx no need to be named 58b1326
@qmx qmx default view resolver 2810c04
@qmx qmx yay! dispatching to views 79752b1
@qmx qmx home is our index now 1f8e364
@qmx qmx we love flux capacitors 31cb091
@qmx qmx removing old stuff b1c8459
@qmx qmx adding a new readme 344335e
@qmx qmx adding link to the demo 457d9ed
@qmx qmx removing stale info from readme 158cf10
@qmx qmx adding sample immutable pojo c527d34
@qmx qmx new controller route 262d955
@qmx qmx extracting utility class a6094a9
@qmx qmx adding param extractor f979bbd
@qmx qmx placeholder methods b4b42f1
@qmx qmx adding iogi dep 04431ae
@qmx qmx initial parameter support ec3c39a
@qmx qmx adding debugging info a45ce16
@qmx qmx adding automatic parameter population 4922bbb
@qmx qmx adding parameter population info 429972c
@qmx qmx adding disclaimer 0f25e12
@qmx qmx Merge branch 'routes' a127f42
@qmx qmx initial pom 345dbbe
@qmx qmx adding ignore file 7c464a1
@qmx qmx fixing GAV 1d39cd9
@qmx qmx gem install under profile + java6 language level c3ce138
@qmx qmx the actual filter, 1st iteration 62b9b59
@qmx qmx failing test at the demo a1f6875
@qmx qmx it works! now we need to blacklist container vars 259c1fd
@qmx qmx Merge branch 'haml_support' ced4281
@lincolnthree lincolnthree Cleanup f5148d1
@lincolnthree lincolnthree Route determination code removed by using custom rewrite rule c186a8d

Hi, currently rewrite is not in our plans. I'm closing it for now.

@abstractj abstractj closed this Nov 22, 2012
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