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iOS/Objective-C client library implementation for AeroGear

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iOS/Objective-C client library implementation for AeroGear!

The AeroGear iOS client lib is based on the AFNetworking library.

The project requires CocoaPods for dependency management;

API docs

The API is documented here.

iOS Cookbook

Some basic usages are documented here.

Getting started

Open the AeroGear-iOS.xcworkspace in Xcode, if you want to get the project...


We also have a little page for getting started with Xcode and the library!

Note on running Unit Tests

There is an issue when running unit tests on the iOS 6 simulator and in particular when you switch live from another iOS version (e.g. iOS 7). It turns out that the keychain access is broken, resulting in test failures whenever a method tries to access the keychain. A workaround for this is to File->Exit the emulator and re-run the tests on iOS 6. We are continue investigating the cause of this issue (see discussion on Apple forum for more information)

Code coverage

To get the code covered by tests, follow these steps: 1. Run the tests like so: xctool -workspace AeroGear-iOS.xcworkspace -sdk iphonesimulator -scheme AeroGear-iOS -configuration CodeCoverage clean test 2. Verify that the command generated .gcno and .gcda files in ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/AeroGear-iOS-{generated sequence}/Build/Intermediates/ 3. Open those .gcda and .gcno files in CoverStory

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