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We want to use client side storage


While there are many options for client side storage, not all browsers support the same thing.

By using AeroGear.DataManager, we can utilize client side storage across multiple browsers without worrying if a certain type is supported or not.

A simple DataManager can be created like so:

var datamanager = AeroGear.DataManager();

DataManager is really just a container for "stores". Any number of "stores" can be added to a datamanager:

datamanager.add( "items" );

the above example would create a default "memory" store names "items"

Stores have 4 methods: read, save, remove and filter

To read all data from a store:

var itemsStore = datamanager.stores.items;
    .then( function( data ) {
        console.log( data );

Note: these methods are asynchronous, so a callback is needed. The above example is using promises

Working Code Example

To run the example code, first run:

$ bower install

This will pull down the dependent javascript/css files, such as jquery, into the project.

Some browsers will complain about accessing IndexedDB/WebSQL from a file system, so running a Server might be required.

One option is to run a python 'SimpleHTTPServer'

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Now the page can be accessed at localhost:8000