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AeroGear SimplePush Server

This project is a Java implementation of the server side that follows the SimplePush Protocol and uses vert.x.

Disclaimer This version uses an in-memory data store and will loose all registrations upon shutdown restart.


Vert.x is required to be availble and usable from the command line. Note also that Vert.x requires Java 7.


Build the SimplePush Server

mvn install

Start the SimplePush Server

cd target
vertx runmod aerogear~simplepush~<version>

You can also start the server with a different configuration:

vertx runmod aerogear~simplepush~<version> -conf classes/config.json

The config file can be named anything file you like but the classes/config.json file above contains an example of the configuration options and their default values.


The SimplePush Server vert.x module can be configured using a json configuration file.
The following configuration options are available:

  "host" : "localhost",
  "port" : 7777,
  "reaperTimeout" : 300000,
  "ackInterval" : 60000,
  "password" : "yourRandomToken"

The host that the server should bind to.

The port that the server should bind to.

This is a scheduled job that will clean up UserAgent that have been inactive for the specified amount of time.

The time, in milliseconds, that a scheduled job will try to resend unacknowledged notifications.

password This should be a password that will be used to generate the server private key which is used for encryption/decryption of the endpoint URLs that are returned to clients upon successful channel registration.