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iOS TODO application

NOTE: The demo has been discontinued and will not be further developed. Please have a look at our ios-cookbook repository instead for the latest examples that exercise the AeroGear iOS libraries.

This application demonstrates the functionality offered by AeroGear library for iOS. It connects to the TODO server application running in Openshift, and it will allow you to perform CRUD operations for Projects/Tags/Tasks using you phone.

You can watch a screencast demonstrating the app "in action" here

If you are new to AeroGear, please have a look at the Getting Started Guide with XCode and iOS

Running the app:

The project requires CocoaPods for dependency management;


BEFORE you can run the app, you need to run the following command inside of the AeroGear-TODO folder:

pod install

Now you are almost done! You just need to open the AeroGear-TODO.xcworkspace in order to run the TODO app!