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AeroGear UnifiedPush Node.js Client

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Node Sender API for the AeroGear Unified Push server

This version of the sender is compatible with the 1.1.x series of the UnifiedPush Server_

Project Info
License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Build: npm
End User Documentation:
Community Documentation:
Issue tracker:
Mailing lists:!forum/aerogear

Getting Started

Add the dependency to your project:

npm i unifiedpush-node-sender


Create a sender

const agSender = require('unifiedpush-node-sender');

const settings = {
    url: '<pushServerURL e.g http(s)//host:port/context>',
    applicationId: '<pushApplicationId e.g. 1234456-234320>',
    masterSecret: '<masterSecret e.g. 1234456-234320>'

First get a handle on the client object, then use the client.sender.send method to send a message

agSender(settings).then((client) => {
    client.sender.send(message, options).then((response) => {
        console.log('success', response);

Similar to the send method but passing an array of {message, options} objects as parameter instead.

agSender(settings).then((client) => {
    client.sender.sendBatch(messages).then((response) => {
        console.log('success', response);

API Documentation

Class: Sender

The Sender Class, It returns a Promise with the client object


  • settings Object
    • url String - The URL of the Unified Push Server.
    • applicationId String - The id of an Application from the Unified Push Server
    • masterSecret String - The master secret for that Application
    • headers Object - The hash of custom HTTP headers / header overrides

client.sender.send([message], [options])

  • message Object

    • alert String - message that will be displayed on the alert UI element
    • priority String - sets a processing priority on a push message. values can be 'normal' or 'high'
    • sound String - The name of a sound file
    • badge String - The number to display as the badge of the app icon
    • userData Object - any extra user data to be passed
  • message.apns Object

    • title String - A short string describing the purpose of the notification.
    • action String - The label of the action button
    • urlArgs Array - an array of values that are paired with the placeholders inside the urlFormatString value of your website.json file. Safari Only
    • titleLocKey String - The key to a title string in the Localizable.strings file for the current localization. iOS Only
    • titleLocArgs Array - Variable string values to appear in place of the format specifiers in title-loc-key. iOS Only
    • actionCategory String - the identifier of the action category for the interactive notification
    • contentAvailable Boolean - Provide this key with a value of 1 to indicate that new content is available. iOS Only
  • Object

    • type String - The type of message to send toast, raw, badge or tile.
    • duration String - Duration a Toast message is displayed 'long' or 'short'
    • badge String - Badge notifications type for badges that are not numbers (none, activity, alert, available, away, busy, newMessage, paused, playing, unavailable, error or attention), for numbers use the value in the main part of the message.
    • tileType String - Different type of tile messages with different sizes see the [tile template catalog]{@link} e.g. 'TileSquareText02' or 'TileWideBlockAndText02'
    • images Array - Images either local or remote need match the nubmer of the tileType
    • textFields Array - Texts needs to be same as the number of the tileType
  • options Object

  • options.config Object

    • ttl Number - the time to live in seconds. This value is supported by APNs and GCM Only
  • options.criteria Object

    • alias Array - a list of email or name strings
    • deviceType Array - a list of device types as strings
    • categories Array - a list of categories as strings
    • variants Array - a list of variantID's as strings


See LICENSE file


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Found a bug?

If you found a bug please create a ticket for us on Jira with some steps to reproduce it.