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cleanups + splitting between build and publish

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1 parent eb0c46c commit 6003653ec74c0b72ca90fddf53e76a3834c4b972 @qmx qmx committed Sep 27, 2012
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@@ -39,14 +39,4 @@ cd $SRCFOLDER
gem install --conservative bundler
bundle install --path vendor/bundle
rm -rf _site/
-#rm -rf php/
-#git branch | grep -q site && git branch -D site
bundle exec jekyll
-bundle exec ./publish
-#rsync -av _site/ php/
-#git checkout -f -b site
-#git add php/
-#git commit -m "."
-#git push -f ssh:// site:master
-#git checkout -f master

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