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What does all of that mean? Basically, this takes our[HTML5 + REST] /"[jQuery Mobile] based web app and converts it to a native app for both iOS and Android. Currently, these apps will need to be built separately but in the future, we hope to provide a single build step for all supported mobile OS types. These concepts can be applied to the conversion of most HTML5/JS based web apps by just replacing the specific paths described in this article with paths that match your environment.
-Download the converted application from
+Download the converted application from
=== Repo Structure
Before getting started, it is important to note the structure of this repo and how it may affect your environment. In order to avoid duplicating both files and effort, the web app assets (HTML, CSS, JS) files have been housed in a separate folder called *shared*. In there, you will find a folder called *www* under which are the files. In order for this structure to work during your builds, a symbolic link to the *www* folder from each of the app's respective *www* folders must be created. In iOS, that is in the */ios/* folder and in Android, the symbolic link is in the */android/assets* folder.

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