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Sync repositories


  1. Before to start make sure to have the latest updates from repositories
  2. Strongly recomended to create a separated branch for it.


  1. Download as-archetypes and as-quickstarts repositories
  2. Run diff -ur oldfolder newfolder > patch.diff and patch -pN < patch.diff. Where N is the number of path prefixes starting from -p0.

For example:

    diff -ur /path/to/as-archetypes/jboss-html5-mobile-archetype/src/main/resources/archetype-resources/src /path/to/as-quickstarts/kitchensink-html5-mobile/src > patch.diff

    cd /path/to/as-archetypes/

    patch -p4 < ../patch.diff
  1. Be careful before commit changes, because the archetypes make use of some variables, like this:

    set( $symbol_pound = '#' )
    set( $symbol_dollar = '$' )
    set( $symbol_escape = '\' )

Release process for Archetypes

Warning: Announce at aerogear-dev that the release process will begin

  1. Regenerate the blanks by running

    ./ -ca

    which will update the blank archetypes from the main sources

  2. Commit any changes to the blanks

  3. Update versions by running

    ./ -u -o <old snapshot version> -n <release version>
  4. Commit the version update

  5. Stage the release

    ./ -r
  6. Communicate with the team

  7. Wait for the feedback from tests

  8. Sign your tag

    git tag -s <release version> -m <release version>
  9. Reset version numbers to snapshots

    ./ -u -o <release version> -n <new snapshot version>
  10. Commit this
  11. Promote the staged repo


  1. Tag

    git tag -s <release version> -m "Release <release version>"
  2. Push this tag

    git push aerogear <release version>
  3. Do a fresh clone of

    git clone
  4. Switch to a temporary branch

    git checkout -b aerogear_updates
  5. Merge the squashed contents of the recently-created tag

    git merge -Xtheirs --squash <release version>
  6. Team review
  7. Send a pull request to jbossas/master


Warning It is only necessary to copy client-side files to this repo. Do not copy anything outside of the src/main/webapp folder.

  1. Copy changed/new client-side files from to
    • NOTE: You may want to make the changes to index.html manually rather than replacing that file to avoid step 2 in these instructions
  2. After overwriting the files, you will need to look at the diff for index.html and put the Cordova related changes back in. Those changes include:
    • Adding the link to the Cordova JS script back in the head after app.js is included
    • Adding the Cordova functions for displaying the connection type back in near the bottom of the final script block in the head
    • Make the HTML changes to the #register-art article for displaying the connection type
  3. Rebuild and test the changes based on these instructions
  4. Once both apps build correctly, remember to replace the Cordova script with the {{CORDOVA_SCRIPT}} placeholder, then commit
  5. Tag this version, keeping the tag version in sync with the KitchenSink Quickstart version.