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Graphback - GraphQL server and client in 2 minutes
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Auto generate database structure,
GraphQL Resolvers and Queries from GraphQL types 🚀


Graphback helps you to kickstart your experience with any existing GraphQL implementation by generating a Node.js server using your data model.

What it does

  • Generates required queries and mutations automatically using proven GraphQL patterns
  • Generates an unopiniated resolver layer
  • Generates database DDL statements that can be used to store data (optional)

Why use it

  • Plain and most canonical GraphQL implementation. Generated resolvers will work with plain GraphQL solutions.

  • Works out of the box with Apollo GraphQL and GraphQL JS

  • Full freedom - generated resources can be edited and reconfigured later

  • Custom directives out of the box. Provides a set of useful directives and input types that resolve standard use cases

  • Auto generated schema based on best GraphQL patterns

  • Pick your own server framework and clients (works with Apollo Express and Hapi)

  • Pick your own database. The solution abstracts from database storage and allows you to support any existing storage, by implementing available interfaces.


See for usage and more.


See contribution guidelines file for more information


Licensed under the APLv2.

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