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📦 Send network packets over a TCP or UDP connection.
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Send network packets over a TCP or UDP connection.


Packet is the main class representing a single network message. It has a byte code indicating the type of the message and a []byte type payload.


A stream has a send and receive channel with a hot-swappable connection for reconnects. The user has the responsibility to register a callback to consume errors via OnError.


// Connect to a server
conn, _ := net.Dial("tcp", "localhost:7000")

// Create a stream
stream := packet.NewStream(1024)

// Send a message
stream.Outgoing <- packet.New(0, []byte("ping"))

// Receive message
msg := <-stream.Incoming

// Check message contents
if string(msg.Data) != "pong" 

Hot-swap example

// Close server connection to simulate server death

// Send packet while server is down (will be buffered until it reconnects)
client.Outgoing <- packet.New(0, []byte("ping"))

// Reconnect
newServer, _ := net.Dial("tcp", "localhost:7000")

// Hot-swap connection

// The previously buffered messages in the Outgoing channel will be sent now.


Please take a look at the style guidelines if you'd like to make a pull request.


Cedric Fung Scott Rayapoullé Eduard Urbach
Cedric Fung Scott Rayapoullé Eduard Urbach

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