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Selenium, Playwright, Cypress and Puppeteer testing infrastructure


  1. selenoid Public

    Selenium Hub successor running browsers within containers. Scalable, immutable, self hosted Selenium-Grid on any platform with single binary.

    Go 2.2k 293

  2. moon Public

    An efficient Selenium protocol implementation running everything in Kubernetes or Openshift

    HTML 156 15

  3. selenoid-ui Public

    Graphical user interface for Selenoid project

    JavaScript 273 63

  4. ggr Public

    A lightweight load balancer used to create big Selenium clusters

    Go 285 63

  5. images Public

    Browser images for Selenoid and Moon 1.x

    Go 143 109

  6. Lightweight and lightning fast Java WebDriver client for test automation professionals

    Java 20 3