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Selenoid UI

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Simple status page with UI updates by SSE, backed by constant polling of status handle of selenoid on small go backend.



We distribute UI as a lightweight Docker container. To run it type:

$ docker run -d --name selenoid-ui  \
    --link selenoid                 \
    -p 8080:8080                    \
    aerokube/selenoid-ui --selenoid-uri=http://selenoid:4444

where --link selenoid links with running container named selenoid with selenoid inside

Then access the UI on port 8080:


The following flags are supported:

  • --listen - host and port to listen (e.g. :1234)
  • --period - data refresh period (e.g. 5s or 1m)
  • --selenoid-uri - selenoid uri to fetch data from (e.g.

Features, Screenshots and Complete Guide

Can be found at

Usage note

This UI is designed for debug purposes for one selenoid node. If you need monitoring capabilities on more than one selenoid, consider to use external monitoring system

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