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EMI/UCP simulator - A hunky Erlang emulating ERMES/UCP-based EMI protocol server

The simulator is an application for near-to-live testing of your EMI/UCP applications without need of access to real SMSC. The application behaves as a real SMSC with UCP interface. Your application can bind to it, send messages, etc., however nothing will get delivered anywhere as all the responses are only made-up by the simulator.

The simulator is based on LogicaCMG's EMI/UCP interface 4.6 specification.

If you like this project, you might also be interested in jtendo UCP Gateway


  1. Install:

    $ make initenv
  2. Run

    $ make run


  • listen_port: the listening port (default: 7777)


  • TRN checking
  • Syntax checking
  • UCP windowing (flow control)
  • Concatenated messages checking
  • Sending messages from server to clients (CMD 52)
  • Delivery notifications
  • ...


BSD License --