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Orbitdeterminator: Automated satellite orbit determination

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Quick Start

orbitdeterminator is a package written in python3 for determining orbit of satellites based on positional data. Various filtering and determination algorithms are available for satellite operators to choose from.

Installation Instructions

Virtual environment setup

For this guide we will be using miniconda, you are free to use any virtual environment setup

Step 1: Install miniconda using script and instruction here

Step 2: After installation, create a virtualenv with python3.5 as

conda create -n env_name python=3.5.2

Step 3: Activate your virtualenv

conda activate env_name

*Rest of the guide will assume that virtualenv is activated

Linux Users

Run the following commands to install orbitdeterminator:

Step 1: Clone the repository

git clone

Step 2: Change directory to orbitdeterminator

cd orbitdeterminator

Step 3: Install required dependencies

sudo apt-get install python-tk


python install

or manually install with

pip install -r requirements.txt

Step 4: Test your setup


If guide is followed correctly then pytest will not show any failed test case. After this, program can be used (to learn how to use the program check orbitdeterminator tutorials here)

Windows/macOS Users

All the steps are same except for Step 3 from Linux Users guide

For Step 3, instead of using pip use conda to install pykep and matplotlib

conda install pykep==2.1
conda install matplotlib

Now, remove these two dependencies from requirements.txt and then run

pip install -r requirements.txt

Alternate Method for Windows/macOS Users

If you don't want to use conda to install pykep and matplotlib, then you can just build pykep from source with instructions from their official website here, and remove pykep as dependency from requirement file. After this you can follow guide for Linux users above.


GitHub pull requests GitHub issues Zulip

PRs are welcomed. For contributing to orbitdeterminator refer If there are any issues or ideas they can be addressed through the issues or in chat room.

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