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"""Kalman Filter to smoothen observations. It continuously reads a file
where observations are being written and updates its estimate based
on the observations and the cowell model."""
import time
import numpy as np
from functools import partial
from orbitdeterminator.propagation.cowell import rk4
class KalmanFilter():
"""Kalman Filter class wrapper."""
def __Jacobian(s,t0,tf):
"""Numerically computes the Jacobian of rk4(s,t0,tf).
s(1x6 numpy array): the state vector at t0 [rx,ry,rz,vx,vy,vz]
t0(float): the intial time
tf(float): the final time
3x3 numpy matrix: the topleft half of the Jacobian of rk4(s,t0,tf)
f = partial(rk4,t0=t0,tf=tf)
F = np.empty((3,3))
a = np.zeros(6)
h = 0.0005
a[0] = h
F[:,0] = (f(s+a) - f(s-a))[0:3]/2/h
a[0], a[1] = 0, h
F[:,1] = (f(s+a) - f(s-a))[0:3]/2/h
a[1], a[2] = 0, h
F[:,2] = (f(s+a) - f(s-a))[0:3]/2/h
return F
def process(self,s,t0,dgsn_file):
"""The main Kalman Filter. Continuously reads an obervations file and
updates the state estimate.
s(1x6 numpy array): the state vector [rx,ry,rz,vx,vy,vz]
t0(float): epoch of s
dgsn_file(string): path to the observations file
self.s = s
self.t0 = t0
self.P = np.diag([900,900,900]) # prediction error
self.Q = np.diag([100,100,100]) # model error
self.R = np.diag([900,900,900]) # obs error
f = open(dgsn_file,'r'),2)
while True:
line = f.readline()
if not line:
state = line.split()
if state[0] == '#':
t = int(state[0])
z = [float(x) for x in state[1:4]]
# predict
self.s = rk4(self.s, self.t0, t)
#if (t-self.t0 > 100):
# self.s[0:3] = z
# self.t0 = t
# continue
F = self.__Jacobian(self.s, self.t0, t)
self.P = np.matmul(self.P,F.T)
self.P = np.matmul(F,self.P)
self.P = self.P + self.Q
# update
y = z - self.s[0:3]
S_inv = np.linalg.inv(self.P + self.R)
K = np.matmul(self.P, S_inv)
self.s[0:3] = self.s[0:3] + np.matmul(K,y)
self.P = np.matmul((np.eye(3) - K),self.P)
self.t0 = t
if __name__ == '__main__':
s = np.array([2.87327861e+03,5.22872234e+03,3.23884457e+03,-3.49536799e+00,4.87267295e+00,-4.76846910e+00])
t0 = 1531152114
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