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"""Converts coordinates in TEME frame to ECEF frame."""
from datetime import datetime, timezone
import numpy as np
def conv_to_ecef(coords):
"""Converts coordinates in TEME frame to ECEF frame.
coords(nx4 numpy array): list of coordinates in the format [t,x,y,z]
nx4 numpy array: list of coordinates in the format
[t, latitude, longitude, altitude]
Note that these coordinates are with respect to the
surface of the Earth. Latitude, longitude are in degrees.
t = coords[:,0]
x = coords[:,1]
y = coords[:,2]
z = coords[:,3]
alt = (x**2+y**2+z**2)**0.5
lat = np.degrees(np.arcsin(z/alt))
lng = np.degrees(np.arctan2(y,x)%(2*np.pi))
midnight = datetime.fromtimestamp(t[0],tz=timezone.utc)
midnight = midnight.replace(hour=0,minute=0,second=0,microsecond=0)
t_mid = midnight.timestamp()
J2000 = 946728000
Tu = (t_mid-J2000)/86400/36525
tg0h = 24110.54841 + 8640184.812866*Tu + 0.093104*Tu**2 - 6.2e-6*Tu**3
we = 1.00273790935
tgt = tg0h + we*(t-t_mid)
era = (tgt%86400)*360/86400
lng = lng-era
return np.column_stack((t,lat,lng,alt))
if __name__ == "__main__":
ecef_coords = conv_to_ecef(np.array([[1521562500,768.281,5835.68,2438.076],[1521562500,768.281,5835.68,2438.076],[1521562500,768.281,5835.68,2438.076]]))
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