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@realmgic realmgic released this Jun 5, 2021

Release Date: June 6, 2021

  • Upgrade Go to 1.16.
  • Cleanup code, add comments, fix lint error messages.
  • Upgrade Aerospike Go Client to 5.0.2 - this is a breaking change and might break the usage with Aerospike versions pre 4.9.
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@realmgic realmgic released this Oct 31, 2020

  • Fix error messages in pre and post 5.1 server logs because of the latency-latencies command swap (#21).
  • Updated Go version to 1.15.
  • Convert use of Vendor packages to Go Modules.
  • Update packacges and some cleanup.
  • A new Docker file added to manually create a docker image.

Please note:

The deprecated, legacy behavior of treating the CommonName field on X.509 certificates as a host name when no Subject Alternative Names are present is now disabled by default. It can be temporarily re-enabled by adding the value x509ignoreCN=0 to the GODEBUG environment variable.

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@realmgic realmgic released this Oct 27, 2020

  • Fix display bug when not enough values return to the latency graph, graph doesn't chart latencies (just total ops).
  • Fix display bug where latency values could be displayed twice in the mouse hover legend sometimes.
  • Change removal of values from the latency graph to use unix timestamp instead of local time.
  • Add support for microsecond-histograms (5.1+).
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@realmgic realmgic released this Oct 21, 2020

  • Release to community, remove difference between community and enterprise AMC (some features require EE server).
  • Add support to 5.1+ latencies command
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