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Aerospike Java Client Examples

This project contains source code examples using the Aerospike Java Client.

Example Description Link
ServerInfo Use Aerospike info protocol to query a server node for statistics. View
PutGet Write and read a record. View
Replace Write bins using the replace option. View
Add Perform a server integer add. View
Append Perform a server string append. View
Prepend Perform a server string prepend. View
Batch Perform multiple record read commands in a single batch. View
Generation Use record generation to ensure that a record has not changed since the last read. View
Serialize Use Java default serialization when writing and reading a bin. View
Expire Set the record expiration. View
Touch Extend the life of records ready to expire. View
StoreKey Store user key on server using WritePolicy.sendKey option. View
DeleteBin Delete a bin in a record. View
ListMap Write and read records containing combinations of list and map bins. View
Operate Perform multiple operations on a single record in one database command. View
OperateList Perform multiple list operations on a single record in one database command. View
ScanParallel Scan all records in a namespace/set by querying server nodes in parallel. View
ScanSeries Scan all records in a namespace/set by querying server nodes in series. View
UserDefinedFunction Call UDFs on the server. View
QueryInteger Query bins using an integer index. View
QueryString Query bins using a string index. View
QueryFilter Query on a secondary index with a filter, and apply an additional filter in a UDF. View
QuerySum Query records and calculate sum using a user-defined aggregation function. View
QueryAverage Query records and calculate average using a user-defined aggregation function. View
QueryCollection Query records using a map index. View
QueryRegion Perform region/radius queries using a Geo index. View
QueryRegionFilter Perform region query using a Geo index with an aggregation filter. View
QueryGeoCollection Perform region queries using a Geo index on a collection. View
QueryExecute Run a UDF on records matching the query filter. View
AsyncPutGet Write and read a record in asynchronous mode. View
AsyncBatch Perform multiple read commands in a single batch in asynchronous mode. View
AsyncQuery Query records in asynchronous mode. View
AsyncScan Scan all records in a namespace or set in series in asynchronous mode. View
AsyncUserDefinedFunction Call UDFs on the server in asynchronous mode. View


The source code can be imported into your IDE and/or built using Maven.

mvn package

Run Scripts

There are two scripts to run example code:

Script Description Link
run_examples_swing Run examples with a graphical user interface. View screenshot
run_examples Run examples on the command line. See usage below.


$ ./run_examples -u

usage: com.aerospike.examples.Main [<options>] all|(<example1> <example2> ...)
-d,--debug                          Run in debug mode.
-g,--gui                            Invoke GUI to selectively run tests.
-h,--host <arg>                     List of seed hosts in format:
                                    The tlsname is only used when connecting with a secure TLS
                                    enabled server. If the port is not specified, the default port
                                    is used.
                                    IPv6 addresses must be enclosed in square brackets.
                                    Default: localhost
-n,--namespace <arg>                Namespace (default: test)
-netty                              Use Netty NIO event loops for async examples
-nettyEpoll                         Use Netty epoll event loops for async examples (Linux only)
-P,--password <arg>                 Password
-p,--port <arg>                     Server default port (default: 3000)
-s,--set <arg>                      Set name. Use 'empty' for empty set (default: demoset)
-te,--tlsEncryptOnly                Enable TLS encryption and disable TLS certificate validation
-tls,--tlsEnable                    Use TLS/SSL sockets
-tlsCiphers,--tlsCipherSuite <arg>  Allow TLS cipher suites
                                    Values:  cipher names defined by JVM separated by comma
                                    Default: null (default cipher list provided by JVM)
-tp,--tlsProtocols <arg>            Allow TLS protocols
                                    Values:  SSLv3,TLSv1,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2 separated by comma
                                    Default: TLSv1.2
-tr,--tlsRevoke <arg>               Revoke certificates identified by their serial number
                                    Values:  serial numbers separated by comma
                                    Default: null (Do not revoke certificates)
-U,--user <arg>                     User name
-u,--usage                          Print usage.

Usage Examples

./run_examples -h localhost -p 3000 -n test -s demoset all
./run_examples -h localhost -p 3000 -n test -s demoset ServerInfo PutGet Generation
./run_examples -g -h localhost -p 3000 -n test -s demoset

TLS Example

java -Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore=TrustStorePath -Djavax.net.ssl.trustStorePassword=TrustStorePassword -jar target/aerospike-examples-*-jar-with-dependencies.jar -h "hostname:tlsname:tlsport" -tlsEnable PutGet