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This document covers the 1.x version of the Aerospike Node.js client. For newer client versions, please refer to the API documentation available at


This package describes the Aerospike Node.js Client API in detail.


The aerospike module is the main entry point to the client API.

var aerospike = require('aerospike')

Before connecting to a cluster, you must require aerospike, to get the aerospike object.

You can then define a client configuration, which is used to setup a client object for connecting to and operating against as cluster.

var config = {
  hosts: [
    { addr: 'localhost', port: 3000 }

var client = aerospike.client(config)

The application will use the client object to connect to a cluster, then perform operations such as writing and reading records.

For more details on client operations, see Client Class.

API Reference