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Aerospike ASP.NET Session State Provider

Aerospike implementation of the ASP.NET Session State Provider. Aerospike Session State Provider is used to store ASP.NET application session state in an Aerospike distributed database cluster.


Aerospike Session State Provider can be installed via Nuget or built/installed via this repository.


Configure web.config to use Aerospike's session state provider.

  <sessionState mode="Custom" customProvider="AerospikeSessionStateProvider">
      <add name="AerospikeSessionStateProvider" 

The full set of Aerospike configuration arguments are:

Name Default Description
host localhost:3000 HostName/Port combinations separated by commas.
user User name for servers configured with authentication.
password Password for servers configured with authentication.
namespace test Namespace to store session data.
set test Set name to store session data.
connectionTimeout 1000 Max milliseconds allowed to make socket connection to an Aerospike server.
operationTimeout 100 Max milliseconds allowed to read or write session data.
maxRetries 1 Max number of retries if read or write fails.
sleepBetweenRetries 10 Milliseconds to sleep before attempting a retry.
maxConnsPerNode 300 Max number of connections allowed per Aerospike server node.
maxSocketIdle 55 Max seconds sockets are allowed to stay unused in connection pool.
tendInterval 1000 Milliseconds between cluster tend requests to determine cluster state.
useUDF false Should server-side Lua user defined functions be used. By default, this provider uses a combination of Aerospike get and put commands when the session lock needs to be checked on writes. When useUDF is true, this provider uses a single Lua function call when the session lock needs to be checked on writes.
log Method that creates a TextWriter log instance. Log is disabled by default. Format: <ClassName>.<MethodName> Method Signature: public static TextWriter <ClassName>.<MethodName>()