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The configuration file is held within the app/config/ directory, where multiple values can be altered to manipulate how images are saved, displayed and served to users.



This value controls whether just the raw image file should be served or a HTML page containing the image. The HTML page can be altered to contain anything you'd like, including Twitter card meta tags (already included!) If set to true, just the image will be displayed.

define('RAW_IMAGE', false);


Changing this value will control whether the script returns a link to the raw image or the viewer page when an image is uploaded. E.G. If set to true, you'll receive the URL with /images/png/dInD3.png on the end, rather than just the hash.

define('RAW_IMAGE_LINK', false);


This value controls whether the image extension is appended to the URL. For example, with it enabled, the end of the URL will look something like /h7E2m.png rather than just /h7E2m.

define('IMAGE_EXTENSION', false);


Controls whether twitter card meta will be included in the viewer page. Test your cards here.

define('TWITTER_CARDS', true);


The directory your imageserve installation is in relative to the web root. For example, if it's in something like, then you would put /image as the value, ensuring you have the leading /.

define('IMAGESERVE_DIR', "");


Your twitter username. This is used for twitter card support. If you don't plan on using it, you can leave it as default.

define('TWITTER_HANDLE', "@aerouk_");


This value will set the prefix of the <title> element on HTML-view pages.

define('APP_NAME', "application name");


PLEASE NOTE: This will be stored in plain text, so I'd recommend generating a unique, long password just for this.

Setting this value controls the passkey you'll need to provide to upload images to the application. More information on what this is used for at /wiki/Setup.

define('PASSKEY', "password goes here");
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