Error Troubleshooting

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Incorrect password. Ensure the password in config.php has been passed correctly as an argument.


File is not a valid format or there is no file uploaded at all. Check ShareX settings and/or type of file being uploaded. Users have also encountered this error when the web server is not configured to accept large files.

Inside php.ini, the following options can be changed to up this limit. The example sets the max file size to 128M.

upload_max_filesize = 128M
post_max_size = 128M


Error when uploading image. Check web server upload settings.


Unable to move image file from temp directory to web directory. Ensure images/ directory is writable recursively.

Image uploads but URL does not work

Normally means the web server isn't able to rewrite the URL correctly. In apache and nginx, check rewrite mod is enabled correctly. In IIS, refer here.

If an error has not been covered here, please create an issue.

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